Dalecross Residents Association

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much are the monthly contributions for the booms?
A: Currently R800 per month per household (since 1 November 2014). However this is to be adjusted to R850 as from 1 November 2015.

This will to be adjusted annually in line with CPI.

Q: What bank account should I pay my monthly contributions into and what reference should I use?
A: Please use the following bank account and for your payment reference please quote the first letter of your street, followed by your house number, followed by a space, and finally followed by your surname (e.g. S23 Bean).

Street Codes:
E = Essenwood Avenue
H = Hawthorn Drive
L = Lillian
R = Rosewalk Avenue
S = Shrublands Drive
T = Thirteen Street

Account name: Dalecross Residents Association
Bank: Nedbank
Branch: Sandton
Branch Code: 197005
Account: 1970735929
Payment Reference: _## < Surname>

Where _ = Letter for Street, ## = House Number and <Surname> = Family Surname of contributing household.

Example Payment Reference: S23 Bean

 Please email proof of all payments to admin@dalecross.co.za

Q: How regularly and when should I pay.
A: The Dalecross Residents Association would appreciate if you could pay your monthly contribution in advance on the 1st of each month via a regular standing EFT instruction / stop order. 

Q: Are additional payments required over and above the monthly payments.
A: We do request an initial capital contribution equal to two month contribution (i.e. R1600) from a family when they first move into the area to assist us with capital projects. We also may request voluntary additional contributions from time to time towards special projects generally aimed at improving the overall security and safety of the area (e.g. cameras, the new wall at the bottom of Lulworth Grove, traffic calming, lighting etc.)

A: We also may ask for captial amounts in the region of R2000-3000 towards capital items such as Booms, Cameras, etc as the montly levy primarily covers our operational costs.

Q: Are the booms legal?
A: Yes but we need to reapply periodically 

Q: Does Montrose Primary & Preprimary contribute?
A: Yes both contribute separately.

Q: Do the flats Rosewalk Manor and Rosewalk Gardens contribute?
A: No currently only Rosewalk Manor contributes base on a mutually agreed amount per flat via a single monthly payment from their body corporate appointed managing agent. 

Q: Who is the current Security provider for the booms?
A: ADT Security (Tel: 0861 212 400 - Control Room)

Q: To whom do we report unsatisfactory behaviour or service of the boom guards (e.g. sleeping on duty)?
A: Please call the Shift Supervisor on 083 266 8245 or Guarding Area Manager, Carlos Pronto on 083 781 7372 or the ADT Community Liaison Pieter Venter on 083 760 0387. 

Any matters related to the guards can also be reported to the ADT Security Control Room on 0861 212 400.

Please also notify the DRA Administrator of all such incidents via email on admin@dalecross.co.za or contact the DRA Chairman, Bruce Bean, on 083 442 7733 or chair@dalecross.co.za.