15 November 2010
Dear Resident
We Need Your Help!  Capital contributions request.

The palisade fencing at the end of Lulworth's Grove is in a very bad state of disrepair after various contractors have repeatedly broken this fencing to gain access to the spruit area over the last few years.  Unfortunately when the palisade fencing was originally constructed no provision was made for a pedestrian gate to facilitate access to the spruit area.

The Dalecross Residents Association (DRA) Committee and a number of residents are very concerned with the current state of this
palisade fencing and believe it represents a major security risk to the area especially with the upcoming festive season looming and the usual trend of increased criminal activity.

To this end the DRA Committee
contacted a number of palisade fencing and building contractors in September and October 2010 to obtain written quotes to either repair or replace this palisade fencing.  We considered two alternatives - firstly simply repairing or replacing this palisade fencing with more palisade fencing or secondly building a new solid brick wall.  Based on the quotes obtained the DRA Committee has opted to replace the existing palisade fencing will a solid brick wall which will have a solid metal door built into it to facilitate controlled access (via the DRA Committee) into the spruit area if required.  The quoted cost of this wall is R18,000 and work will begin this week and is expected to take 2-3 weeks. 

As a result we are requesting a once off capital contribution of R400 per household towards this wall.  If you are in a position and willing to contribute more that would also be greatly appreciated.

The DRA Committee will also be approaching the houses more directly affected (i.e. the houses bordering the exposed spruit area in question) for a slightly larger contribution if possible.

Deposits can be made directly into the Dalecross Residents Association bank account:

Bank: Nedbank
Branch: Sandton
Branch Code: 197005
Account: 1970735929

Please kindly make the payment reference for your deposit your house number followed by first letter of your street (see below) followed by "WALL" (e.g. 23S WALL).

E = Essenwood Avenue
H = Hawthorn Drive
L = Lillian
R = Rosewalk Avenue
S = Shrublands Drive
T = Thirteen Street

Thank you in advance for your support.

Kinds Regards

Bruce Bean


Dalecross Residents Association
Cellphone: 083 442 7733

For more information on the Dalecross Residents Association (DRA) please visit our website at www.dalecross.co.za or contact Bruce Bean (Chairman) on 083 442 7733 /or via email on chair@dalecross.co.za or Vinod Naidoo (Deputy Chair / Finance) on 083 646 8270.