11 December 2010
Dear Resident
Thank you for your financial support

The Dalecross Residents Association would like to thank the following families (in order of deposits received) for their prompt (& greatly appreciated) financial support towards the construction of the new wall at the end of Lulworth Grove.

Brian & Angela Lawlor
Bruce & Annabel Bean
Pierre Dormehl & Jann Kingsley
Vinod & Dhivia Naidoo
Stephanus & Nicolette Greeff
David Allan - 12 Shrublands Drive
Frank & Estelle Cline
Firoze & Rizwana Cassim
Marius & Annemarie Le Roux
Angela Simpson & Amos Kahn **
Simonet Terblance **
Rob & Glenda Makinson
Malcolm & Claudine Straker
Paul Davey
Nishen & Dharshni Padayachee
Kyle & Alison Van Rensburg
Gary Clemo
Raoul Metlitzky

** New residents in the area

The construction and plastering of the new wall is already complete we are just awaiting the installation of the security gate which is due on Monday. After which the only thing that remains in the painting of the new wall.

Fortunately one of our residents, Mark Lowndes from 19 Shrublands Drive but with an entrance in Lulworth Grove, has kindly agree to assist with the painting of the wall which all helps in reducing overall costs. The DRA will provide the funds for the paint and Mark the necessary labour and supervision.

For those households that have not yet made their R400 contribution we urge to do so as soon as possible as we have not yet raised enough funds to cover even half the costs of this new wall.

The DRA simply needs further financial support with reagrds to this new wall.

Deposits can be made directly into the Dalecross Residents Association bank account:

Bank: Nedbank
Branch: Sandton
Branch Code: 197005
Account: 1970735929

Please kindly make the payment reference for your deposit your house number followed by first letter of your street (see below) followed by "WALL" (e.g. 23S WALL).

E = Essenwood Avenue
H = Hawthorn Drive
L = Lillian
R = Rosewalk Avenue
S = Shrublands Drive
T = Thirteen Street

Please kindly send proof of any payments made to admin@dalecross.co.za
Potholes fixed due to efforts by Mike Prichard

You may have noticed that yesterday the two remaining unfixed potholes affecting us directly, the first at the intersection of Lillian & 11th Street, Parkmore and the second in Rosewalk Avenue, have at last been fixed (hopefully properly) by JRA.

The other 17 potholes in our area (9 in Shrublands Drive, 5 in Hawthorn Drive, and 3 in 13th Street) where addressed a few weeks ago mainly due to the efforts of Mike Prichard from 3 Essenwood Avenue. Thank you Mike.
Changes to the Crawford/Dalecross Gate

The gate from Dalecross into Crawford has been further secured and a new lock installed. Boom contributors whose children attend Crawford can obtain a new key from the Dalecross Residents Association in the new year.  A R100 refundable deposit will be required per key issued.

This new lock has a slam lock facility allowing the Crawford Guards or any Dalecross Resident to close the gate at any time should it be found left open. The lock also has a dead bolt facility allowing the Crawford Guards to further secure the lock at night. The new keys will be able to open the lock even if dead bolted.

This is a high security lock and only one specific locksmith in Johannesburg will be able to cut keys and only by written request from Crawford College. Crawford College has provide the Dalecross Residents Association with 10 keys.
DRA/Crawford Meeting

The Dalecross Residents Association chairman and Crawford College principal met recently to introduces themselves to one another and towards fostering better relations.

Topics discussed included:

  1. Better notification to Dalecross Residents of evening and weekend events being held at the school. Towards this end Crawford has provided the DRA with their events calendar for next year and highlighted specific events. Crawford also extended an invitation to Dalecross Residents to attend certain of their annual events (e.g. Fireworks) in future. Simply call Crawford College a few days in advance to make the necessary arrangements.

  2. Noise from their swimming pool heat pumps. Crawford has installed new electric timers on their swimming pool heat pumps and will work closely with the Dalecross Residents Association, especially in Winter, to establish the optimal times to run (or not run) their pumps.

  3. Trees and shrubs on the border of their property. The Dalecross Residents Association requested Crawford College investigate the planting of trees and shrubs on the border of their property to acted both as a visual screen and noise buffer. Crawford College has agreed to investigate the matter.

  4. Management of the Spruit area. The Dalecross Residents Association requested Crawford College become actively involved with managing the Spruit area that borders their property. Crawford College has agreed to investigate the matter under the auspices of their environmental club.

Should you have any further matters that you wish the Dalecross Residents Association to raise with Crawford College please don't hesitate to make contact with us.

The Principal of Crawford College has indicated a willingness to foster good relations with Dalecross and the greater community as a whole. 

Seasons Greetings

We wish you all a merry Christmas / feastive season and a happy New Year.

Please travel safely if you are going away these holiday.

Kind Regards

Dalecross Residents Association

Website: www.dalecross.co.za
Email: admin@dalecross.co.za

For more information on the Dalecross Residents Association (DRA) please visit our website at www.dalecross.co.za or contact Bruce Bean (Chairman) on 083 442 7733 /or via email on chair@dalecross.co.za or Vinod Naidoo (Deputy Chair / Finance) on 083 646 8270.