19 February 2011
Dear Resident
Boom Contributions - Annual Increase to R600pm

The 1st of March is typically when the Dalecross Residents Association (DRA) needs to adjusts the boom contributions it levies per household due to the unavoidable cost increases it experienced over the previous 12 months.

Currently our major cost item at 96% of our overall monthly expenses is for the provision of the security guards at the two booms for both the day and night time shifts.  Electricity for the booms and boom maintenance account for a further 2% and remaining 2% is for website & electronic communications, public liability insurance & administration (e.g. AGM costs).

Initially Top Security proposed an increase of 11% in
September last year however the DRA Committee insisted on a reduction in lieu of the ruling CPI of around 5%.

However due annual increases in PSIRA (Private Security Regulatory Authority) wage agreements  with the unions Top Security could only accommodate the DRA to the extent of an 8.6% increase.

As a result the security costs directly related to our boom guards increased from R30,199.00 per month to R32,800 per month as of September last year.

The DRA committee actively works on maintaining high levels of contributions to effectively reduce cost per household as much as possible and as such we are happy to report that currently Rosewalk Gardens, Rosewalk Manor, Montrose Primary and Montrose Preprimary contribute as do 80% (51 of 63) of all households in our area.

And to those few of not contributing as yet expect a call if you haven't had one from us already!

Currently households account for 75% of our contributions income and the flats approximately 10% each, Montrose accounts for the balance. The DRA committee believes this is an equitable division of costs.

As a result of the increase in security costs the DRA needs to adjust the standard monthly contribution per household from R550pm to R600pm effective from 1 March 2011.

Thus we kindly request that you immediately adjust any standing stop orders or recurring EFT instructions with your bank accordingly.

Please note: Payments are due in advance on 1st of each month.

EFTs can be made directly into the Dalecross Residents Association bank account:

Bank: Nedbank
Branch: Sandton
Branch Code: 197005
Account: 1970735929

We appeal to all residents to set up standing stop order or recurring EFT payments with your wherever possible. 

Please note a general newsletter on progress made in 2010 and our plans for 2011 will follow shortly.

Please feel free to contact me directly should you wish to discuss any matters related to Dalecross or the above increase.

Kind Regards
Bruce Bean
Dalecross Residents Association Chairman
Cell: 083 442 7733
Email: chair@dalecross.co.za
Website: www.dalecross.co.za

For more information on the Dalecross Residents Association (DRA) please visit our website at www.dalecross.co.za or contact Bruce Bean (Chairman / Security) on 083 442 7733 or via email on chair@dalecross.co.za or Vinod Naidoo (Deputy Chair / Finance) on 083 646 8270.